Halloween Yard Haunt and More

Every day to me is Halloween!

Great Halloween Music for your collection

This page will show the Halloween music that I love, perfect for any haunt or party.

Halloween Howls great party music with fun songs.



another good party album

Halloween Horrors

 This one is A must have. This is old time Halloween music at it's best.


The nightmare before christmas

This one is worth getting just for the title track alone.

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Elviras Haunted Hits

I can't say enough about this one, it is a staple for me all Halloween season.

Elviras revenge of the monster hits

Another great one, the follow up to monster hits.

Elvira presents monster hits

Another good one from Elvira, some songs are the same as haunted hits but done differently.

Disneys Chilling Thrilling sounds of the haunted house

This one is the very KING of them all. In my Opinion there is no Sound effect Halloween album better than this one. A MUST have.

Disneys Chilling Thrilling sounds new version

This was the updated version of the classic disney album that came out years after the first.It's not better but it is very good.

Sounds to make you Shiver

This was my second favorite album of all time just behind the disney albums.

drews famous Halloween Party hits

Any of the drews stuff is good for party music or just Halloween type songs to listen to.

Midnight Syndicate

Creepy, powerful, Dark Halloween music like no other. Anything from these guys is terrific.