Halloween Yard Haunt and More

Every day to me is Halloween!

Watch Your Step

Watch Your Step....BY:KPRIMM

When through the graveyard you must go

A simple rule you need to know

Be polite, pay your respects

And don't forget to watch your step

When you decide to cut on through

To save a minute, maybe two

Be careful where you place your shoe

Offend the dead stepped on by you

This is their home, their final rest

To go around them would be best

But if you feel you have to go

Please don't step on those below

Now if you trample with your feet

The patch of ground where dead folks sleep

You may just have the chance to meet

A spirit who comes forth to greet

So when you travel down the road

To make your way back to your home

Around the cemetery go

And do not tread on those below

So where you step please have a care

A sleeping spirit's buried there

Don't stoke their ire, please beware

Their angered face will rise and stare

If you offend them with your shoe

The angry dead will come for you

So be polite and pay respects

And don't forget to watch your step

Halloween Poems

This page will feature original poems written by me and available in my Eight books,Primmsylvania Prose on this site. Any other Poems not by me will clearly state the author. Please note: All of the poems on this page are Copy right protected and may not be used without permission of the Authors.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary......BY:KPRIMM

We've all heard the legend and the other creepy stuff
Do you think that you have what it takes?
Are you brave enough?
Just turn the lights off, go ahead
And stand before the mirror
Call her name three times and wait, to see if she'll appear

And what will you do, if she does? for it will be too late
For she'll be there in front of you
And then she'll seal your fate
It could just be a story, but if not, what will you do?
What if she is really there, what if the legend's true?

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, say it one more time
Show us just how brave you are, maybe you'll be fine
Bloody Mary is a psycho, filled with rage and hate
Her spirit trapped there in the mirror
So patiently she waits

At one time she was beautiful
But that time's gone and past
Now she stands with blood soaked wounds
And splintered shards of glass
Oh, she's there, behind the mirror, just on the other side
Just call her name three times
And she'll be there to steal your life

Have your friends come over
Take the Bloody Mary test
But as you stare into that mirror
You're staring straight at death
Stand right there in front of her
Just how brave are you?
But she's right on the other side
Staring back at you

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary
Say it one more time
Don't you worry about a thing
You're going to be just fine
Bloody Mary isn't there
Behind that pane of glass
But are you absolutely sure?
You want to take that chance?

Bloody Mary,Bloody Mary
You sure don't scare me
But in the mirror she waits to spring
Just begging to be free

Bloody Mary one more time
See, it isn't true
But then you realize in the dark
She's standing next to you!

Mister Autumn

Mister Autumn.....BY:KPRIMM
I call him Mister Autumn
And he can't come soon enough
He brings cold breezes, colored leaves
And all the spooky stuff

His skin red, like the Autumn sun
His breath a cold Fall breeze
His hair a swirl of changing colors
Like the falling leaves

He comes in late September
And he stays until it snows
And every year it crushes me
Each time he has to go

A bag of pumpkins on his back
And leaves upon his head
He plays a Halloween kazoo
And dances with the dead

His cloak a shroud of midnight
And his cane a length of bone
He drives a wagon filled with hay
The graveyard is his home

Bats fly circles round' his head
His vest is crawling spiders
And if you meet on Halloween
He'll tip his cup of cider

Whimsical, yet spooky
To him they're both the same
The avatar of Halloween
Mister Autumn is his name

He's the master of the Fall
Creator of the season
If you love this time of year
He's the very reason

He puts the orange in pumpkins
And the black upon the cat
He snacks on caramel apples
And he points the witches hats

Now summer has Heat Mizer
Easter Bunny has the Spring
Cold Mizer has winter time
But Autumn is the king

The undisputed master
Of the beauty that is Fall
He is the king of Halloween
Mister Autumn does it all

Halloween's The Reason I Was Born

Halloween's The Reason I Was Born.....BY:KPRIMM

Tonight's the night
It's back again
The night belongs to me

Prepare yourself
To be Amazed
At everything you see

Everything before you
Is a product from my mind
Built to bring you all some spooky fun

I'm the Maddest Hatter
I'm the Doctor Frankenstein
I'm the very reason that you've come

There's no need to bring money
You don't need a word of thanks
I do everything I do with Haunting style

I do it all for you
And yet I do it all for me
My reimbursement's there in every smile

I'm the creepy Captain
I'm the ringmaster of fear
I'm the coolest scary dude you've ever seen

I'm right here in my element
There's horror in my blood
I am the shining star on Halloween

I'm the glowing candle in the pumpkin
I'm the monster man
I'm the overseer of the yard

I'm the chill in Autumn air
The Trick in Trick Or Treat
I never stop I am a true die hard

Autumn's in my very soul
My blood runs black and orange
The vitamins I take are candy corn

There's decorations in my eyes
A pumpkin in my heart
And Halloween's the reason I was born

They only Moved The Stones


They Only Moved The Stones.....BY:KPRIMM

They built a brand new subdivision
With lots of brand new homes
They welcomed brand new families to their dreams

But shortly after moving in
They started hearing moans
And from the basement came the sounds of screams

They'd only had the house a week
When things began to move
And doors began to open by themselves

Pictures turned upon the walls
They saw deep claw like grooves
And religious objects thrown down from the shelves

The basement door would slam and bang
They heard crying from below
And in the attic thumps and bumps were heard

The upstairs hallway they avoided
None would dare to go
A Haunted house..but surely that's absurd

Ghostly figures from the basement
Walked the basement stairs
And started walking freely through the home

A graveyard right below the house
Where bodies laid in pairs
They only took the time to move the stones

Scared to Death

Scared to Death....By:Kprimm

The spooks all make their rounds tonight
And set my heart ta beatin
A creepy spectre out of sight
I don't want to be meetin

Bogies hide behind the trees
While witches fill the air
I need protectin Lordy please
From things that aren't quite there

Shadows move across the room
It scares me near to death
The dead come back to seal our doom
I hear their raspy breath

Jack o' Lanterns stand at guard
To keep the night at bay
Scarecrows moving in the yard
And Will o' Wisps at play

I'll get no sleep at all tonight
No sir, not a wink
My very soul is filled with fright
And I'm too scared to blink

I see a goblin scuttle by
He ducks behind the fence
The goose bumps on my skin rose high
I lost my common sense

In every noise I hear my doom
I await the banshees scream
I see them lurking in my room
This night of Halloween

Ghostly spirits moaning
As the witching hour starts
I hear their mournful droning
With the last beat of my heart

The Ranks of the Dead

The ranks of the dead.....by Kurtis Primm

I see them in the moon light As they gather just outside

Tonights the night of Halloween And clearly they've all died

I'll try to hide behind the walls or underneath the bed

It's such A useless gesture though you can't escape the dead

 Run away, yes, run away and find a place to hide

They walk the earth in force tonight  the horde of those that died

One day too I'll take my place and walk there at their side

Each in turn we'll join the ranks, the ranks of those that died






The lonely girl was teased and shunned by nearly everyone
To bring her pain and misery was how they had their fun
She never hurt A single soul just wanted to be loved
But now she rots down underground, while they still walk above.

It's true the girl was different, but A kindly soul was she
But they teased her and they called her witch and hung her from A tree
Their heartless act it cut her deep just like A sharpened knife
The trick they played on her that night,went wrong and took her life.

And in the girls last dying breath she looked upon each one
And cursed them for their hatred and the evil they had done
The cowards ran away that night and swore they'd all be silent
Her curse swore that she'd track each one and pay them back with violence.

The gates of death swung open and her soul went on its way
To track them all down one by one, and in turn make each pay
When darkness fell upon the town she knew the time had come
So she left the lonely graveyard so her vengeance could be done.

They thought that they had heard the last of poor sweet Elenore
Safely lying in their beds behind the locked wood door
The living they are filled with sin,and these sinned more than most
Barred iron gates and locked wood doors mean nothing to A ghost.

She floated right into his room and stood beside his bed
A fleeting glimpse of Elenore and soon the fool was dead
Now his soul would also feel the coldness of the grave
And that left just three others, and the other three would pay.

She could not leave the graveyard when the sun shone overhead
But time, it doesn't mean A thing, sweet Elenore is dead
She watches as they go about their business every day
But when darkness falls, they'll hear her call, by GOD she'll make them pay.

The night it came so quickly as her awful vengeance grew
She floated through the bedroom wall of victim number two
His face was froze in terror lying lifeless on the floor
As A smile slowly crossed the face of dear sweet Elenore.

Another night another victim the scene played out the same
And now there was just one soul left for Elenore to claim
The last one knew that she was next, that Elenore would come
And so she took her own life at the barrel of A gun.

Her work was done, or so it seemed, and now her soul could rest
But every night her ghost came back, she liked the darkness best
The gentle soul that once was there will not be seen no more
Replaced by awful vengeance in the soul of ELENORE!


The Faith of Linus

The Faith of Linus.....by:KPRIMM

I'll sit here in this pumpkin patch
I'm glad it's so sincere
I wait here every Halloween
For the Great Pumpkin to appear

All the others have no faith
They point and laugh at me
And if they do it one more time
I'll yell and flash my teeth

Every single Halloween
I wait here all night long
I'll be right here to greet him
With my pumpkin carol songs

They all say he'll never come
Great pumpkin isn't real
But he'll bring toys to the faithful
That's the Great pumpkins deal

Poor old Charlie every year
Goes up and down the block
And all he gets to show for it
Is A sack that's full of rocks

Me and Charlie both believe
Each year we take our place
We're teased by all the others
But they'll never shake our faith

Year after year I sit and wait
And each year it's the same
I've never seen Great pumpkin yet
A beagles all that came

Sally came and joined me once
But I ended up alone
You never ever want to see
The fury of A woman scorned

I know they think I'm stupid
And I do some stupid things
But he respects sincerity
And toys are what he'll bring

I'll sit here in this pumpkin patch
There's nothing I can do
Maybe this will be the year
Oh, Great Pumpkin... Where are you?

A Bunch of Hocus Pocus

A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus.....BY:KPRIMM

Max and Dani Dennison were new to Salem town
Their family had just moved there from L.A.
Now Max was fond of Allison and loved her Yabos too
But he didn't get along with ICE and Jay

Max was sitting there in school, the time was HAlloween
When the story of the Sandersons came up
It's just A bunch of Hocus Pocus none of it is true
He laughed and said "It's local legend stuff"

Halloween night had come and time to trick or treat
Max went with Dani young and eager
Up and down the streets they went, Dani was A witch
And Max went dressed up as A little leaguer

Their sacks were filling pretty fast and both were having fun
When they turned around and there was ICE and Jay
They wanted Dani's candy and she told them off real good
And her brother Max stepped in to save the day

They resumed their trick or treating and they came upon A house
It was huge, they hit the jack pot here for sure
While standing there with handfulls of candy from the dish
Down the stairs came Allison so pure

The three of them went out that night to test the local lore
To see if all the witch stuff might be true
They entered the old witch shack, and they saw the witches book
And they also saw the Black Flame candle too

Now Max was feeling fiesty and against what he'd been told
He lit the Black Flame Candle there and then
Well the floor it started shaking with A rumble and A roar
And through the front door came the Sandersons

They tried to hide inside the house awaiting their escape
But the witches had them cornered in their den
But Max was pretty crafty and he held his lighter high
And the Burning Rain of Death is what he sent

The witches thought that they were dead and fell upon the floor
They thought the Rain of Death had brought their slaughter
But Winnifred she realized that the boy had tricked them good
He had brought the witches down with naught but water

Now in the van they drove away and sped off down the road
Trying to escape from certain doom
But just as they were feeling good and thinking they were safe
Along came winny chasing on her broom

Now the kids got an idea so they led them to the school
And with A tape recorder tricked them well
And when the witches tried to pounce they locked them in an oven
And they sent the witches three straight back to Hell

Now witches are A nasty lot and mighty hard to kill
So all the kids had done was made them mad
They tracked the children to the dance they held on Halloween
With no escape the children would be had

Now Max he tried to warn them and he jumped up on the stage
He thought that this would be his only chance
But everyone there thought his warning was A prank
And the witches spell made them forever dance

Now many years ago the witches cursed poor Thackery
As A black cat he would live forever more
But this was their undoing because Binx became their friend
And he helped the kids escape right out the door

He led them to the cemetery, this was Hallowed ground
And he led the children down into the crypt
The witches couldn't set foot here, cause it's against the rules
So they figured they had given them the slip

The witches they were crafty and they got themselves A plan
As they wickedly looked at one another
And through the ground A zombie burst, Billy was his name
He used to be Ol' Winnys cheating lover

But Billy he was different from the other zombies there
And he hated winny with undying passion
He decided he would help the kids, and this made Winny mad
So she kicked off Billys head in witchy fashion

Now they made A circle round A grave and ringed the thing with salt
They put sweet little Dani there inside
But the witches broke the circle and they snatched the little girl
They would drain her life right there before they died

They tried to force their witchy potion right down Dani's throat
As she sat there in the air on Winny's broom
But once again Ol' Binx showed up and knocked it from her hand
And with this act the cat had sealed their doom

Max grabbed up the potion and he drank it's contents down
Now the choice was made and it was done
Now they'd have to take his life force, Dani would be safe
And they all prayed for the coming of the sun

Just in time the sun appeared and rose high in the sky
It Peeked above the trees and brightly shone
Sarah and Mary magically poofed away
And in the graveyard Winny turned to stone

Billy laid back in his grave to take his rest again
When A little voice called out to Thackery
There stood Emily white as snow, she'd come to take him home
And with A kiss told Dani, do not cry for me

Universal Monsters

Universal Monsters....By:KPRIMM

They're famous movie monsters
And they come from Hollywood
Don't make me choose my favorite
Because I don't think that I could

The werewolf prowls around
Beneath the light of the full moon
And the Creature swimming deep below
Beware the Black Lagoon

Dracula turns into a bat
And stalks the ink black night
Searching for a comely neck
So he can take a bite

The monsterous form of Frankenstein
Filling all with dread
He was sewn together
Using pieces of the dead

The mummy rising from his tomb
To act upon his curse
Or being chased by Mister Hyde
I'm not sure which is worse

Bela Lagosi as Dracula
He made us fear the night
And Boris Karloffs Frankenstein
He gave the monster life

Lon Chaney Jr. was the wolfman
He played him to a "T"
It makes me really happy
That he isn't chasing me

They're monsters that we've grown to love
Since early childhood
And they give meaning to the phrase
That being bad is good

Monsters we all Love to Hate

Monsters we all Love to Hate....BY:KPRIMM

We'll start with Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare On Elm Street
There'll be no sleep for you tonight, there beneath the sheets

You'll see him when you're sleeping
And there's nothing you can do
With him around you'll never sleep again
One, two Freddy's coming for you
With just one slash your life is going to end

Next we move to Illinois, it's here we set the scene
Introducing Michael Myers the star of Halloween

He flipped his lid and killed his sister
Right on Halloween night
He hides his face behind a creepy mask
He terrorizes Haddonfield,Myers is his name
And Loomis tries to catch him in the act

Now let's all go camping out in nature with the trees
The date is Friday the Thirteenth, meet Jason Vorhees

Camp crystal lake is where it happened
Far back in the woods
While having sex,he drowned in the lake
Now behind a hockey mask machette in his hand
He kills because their lives are his to take

Now introducing Leather face from Texas to be sure
The smiling madman from the Texas chainsaw massacre

This maniac from Texas
Wears a mask of human skin
A chainsaw is the weapon he likes best
A psychopathic inbred does his killing just for fun
With Leatherface around there'll be no rest

Our next little player wears his Pj's up and down the street
Little Sam's the star of this one, it's called Trick R Treat

Little Sam looks safe enough
Behind his burlap mask
He wears red Pajamas, for Heavens sake
But blow out your pumpkin early and your world comes crashing down
He'll slash his sucker right across your face

Then right here's another name I'm sure you all will know
It's Norman Bates and he's a star, the star of Psycho

Norman Bates lives in a creepy house
Up on the hill
An only child Norman has no brother
Norman is a creepy guy he kills girls in the shower
And talks for hours with his dear dead mother

When you go on vacation you don't need to hear no whining
So Jack killed his whole family, the movie is the Shining

And then we have dear Jack
Who heard the voices in his head
He stalked his family there in the hotel
The voices told him do it, that's what dear Jack said
With an axe he sent his family straight to Hell

They say silence is golden, but in this case it's a sham
When you meet Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of The Lambs

Hannibal Lecter he's insane
But acts so calm and cool
He kills people but it's not for fun
He does it cause he's crazy, but you wont go to waste
Cause Hannibal will eat you when he's done

Did you ever have that special toy you played with every day?
Introducing Chucky, he's the star of Childs Play

Chucky is a living doll
A little ball of hate
Evil hides inside and that's a fact
Chucky's on a killing spree, no matter what you do
This little doll just keeps on coming back

The next guy is a demon and he's out to steal your peepers
He's the flying demon from the movie Jeepers Creepers

He's an evil demon
That just isn't quite complete
He takes the parts he needs by killing others
He needed some new eye balls so he tried to take the girls
But instead he went and took them from her brother

So many different monsters
That we've watched throughout the years
They've filled us all with phobias
And preyed upon our fears
And though they give us nightmares
We're all fans and think they're great
This creepy cast of characters
Are the ones we Love to Hate

Chiller Drive Inn

Chiller Drive Inn.....BY:KPRIMM

It's chiller drive Inn time again, It's coming on t.v.
With Wolfman Mac and Boney Bob, it brings such joy to me
They  host all the scary movies, every single week
And all the funny things they do, so come on take a peek
Wolfman Mac's the coolest dude, And that's why he's the star
He's known and loved by everyone, There's no one else on par
The story of the wolfman's there,It's known throughout the land
The mob they chased him out of town, With weapons in their hands
Now wolfman Mac ran through the woods, to make his get away
He came upon the drive inn, and met Boney Bob that day
Together they revived the drive inn, And they gave it a name
And Chiller Drive Inn quickly rose, to monsterific fame
So pop your self some pop corn, and go dig up a date
The show's about to start my friend, you're gonna be up late


I Loved A Dead Girl


I Loved A Dead Girl.......BY:KPRIMM

I met her in the cemetery, dressed in a tattered gown
I couldn't understand her, she just made a gurgling sound
I asked her where she lived and she just pointed to the ground
I think she said she loved me, by the gurgle of her sound

I found her quite attractive, in a rotting kind of way
I'd take her home to mother, but I wonder what she'd say
I always pick her up at night, she sleeps during the day
Forlorn Cemetery is the place she likes to stay

Things were getting serious, and I thought that I just might
Try to start a family, but the timing wasn't right
Romantically she gurgled so I stayed with her that night
And now I live here with her, I received her zombie bite

Now we both sleep all day long, and dance beneath the moon
While the barn owl and the crickets play their ever nightly tune
The twinkle in her only eye can never flash to soon
Cause I'm her rotting bowel of love and she's my tarnished spoon

Halloween Heart

Halloween Heart...BY:KPRIMM

Little Johnny Bennett was a frail little boy
His family didn't have much money, and he only had one toy
Halloween was coming and the costume contest too
He couldn't buy a costume, what was he to do?

His friends all had new costumes and excitement filled the air
They all teased Johnny Bennett, and they didn't even care
Johnny felt alone and sad while walking home that day
Through farmer Tanners pumpkin patch he cut through on the way

Farmer Tanner stopped the boy and told him "Son cheer up"
Take this pumpkin home with you tonight, and carve him up
Now johnny took the pumpkin home and did what he was told
And then he heard the pumpkin speak which chilled him to his soul

The pumpkin told him "Johnny, here's what we're gonna do"
"Halloween's not from a store, it lives inside of you"
"Now grab me up with both your hands and plop me on your head"
"You don't need a fancy costume, you got me instead"

He plopped the pumpkin on his head and it was just his size
He turned into a scarecrow right before his very eyes
Johnny Bennett danced along beneath the shining moon
As he headed to the party, he hummed a spooky tune

Johnny opened up the door, and then he pranced inside
And everybody in the room just stared with eyes gone wide
Johnny danced around the room and sang a spooky tune
He won the costume contest and he won the money too

The pumpkin told him "Johnny you were the winner from the start"
"You always carried Halloween with you in your heart"

Mama's China Doll

Mama's China Doll......BY:KPRIMM

My poor sweet loving mother
Has been gone about a year
Her health it failed her and she passed away

While cleaning out my mothers things
I came upon a chest
And the china doll with which my mother played

The doll was dressed in tattered clothes
A large crack in its face
I decided I would keep it for myself

And though it had seen better days
It reminded me of mom
So I carefully sat the doll upon the shelf

I faintly heard the sound of crying
Lying in my bed
And through the night I heard it more and more

In the morning when I woke
I found an empty shelf
The china doll was setting on the floor

I put the doll back on the shelf
And walked across the room
And I could swear I saw it turn it's head

Once again at night
I could hear a childs cry
As I lay there shivering in bed

I felt the touch of little fingers
Lightly touch my skin
That can't be, there's no children here at all

I hear the sound of little feet
Running through the room
Beside my bed stood mama's china doll

Deaths Door

Deaths Door.......BY:KPRIMM

This is the night, the veil is thin
So visit us, it's time again
Though we be dead, we're still your friend
Let deaths door open, come on in

Just cross on over, don't be scared
Your friends and family waiting there
Life and death tonight they meet
While costumed children roam the streets

It's just this one night of the year
The path between the realms is clear
The living and the dead are here
Halloween comes once each year

The dead and living mingle free
Cross back and forth so easilly
Look with your heart and you will see
The door of death unlocked for thee

The door stays open just so long
So do not tarry, move along
Exchange your hugs and wipe your eyes
At mornings light we say goodbye

Out There Waiting

Out There Waiting......BY:KPRIMM

A banshee screams outside the door
While zombies rise beneath the floor
The werewolfs fangs are filled with gore
When nightmares come you'll sleep no more

Skeletons walk with bones a shaking
Devils come for souls a taking
An evile plan the witch is making
Out there in the dark they're waiting

Spirits float by barely seen
While Jack O' Lanterns glow and beam
And somewhere in the night, a scream
Beware tonight is Halloween

Shadows move across the sky
As something hairy scuttles by
You faintly hear a mournful cry
From someone that's already died

Imps and goblins rule the night
While Bogies plot just out of sight
A night of tricks, a night of fright
Beware and pray for mornings light

Bolt the front door of your home
For in the night the dead will roam
So lonely they just long for home
The dead so cold, the warmth of home

They surround you nearly everywhere
Behind the trees or in the air
You're never safe, they're always there
It's Halloween. you'd best Beware!

The Gate

The Gate.....BY:KPRIMM
Halloween's coming and again I will wait
Down the path in the woods by the old pickett gate
Where once I knew love, before a cruel twist of fate
The loss of my true love the beautiful Kate

Yes there by the gate is right where I'll be
In the dead of the night on Halloween eve
Under the moon by the gate she will be
Just one short night my love comes back to me

There at the gate my true love lost her life
In front of the home I had built for my wife
Her sweet life drained away from the slash of the knife
So i wait for her here on each Halloween night

I now walk alone nothing more than a shade
As I wait for that night to return to the gate
I long for my love who returns from the grave
And together we dance at the old pickett gate

I longingly dream of each Halloween night
With Kate in my arms as we dance in the night
The shackles of death are so stubbornly tight
But they fall away loosely on Halloween night

I aimlessly wander in grief from my loss
Of the sweet love of Kate and the years that were lost
Too steep a price, what a terrible cost
Dreams that were shattered, and love that was lost

Now come each October I desperately wait
For Halloween night where I sit at the gate
I wait for my true love the beautiful Kate
As we share an embrace at the old pickett gate

Nothing but Footsteps

They talk in quiest whispers of the grave up on the hill

They shunned the place long years ago, and many fear it still

None will wlak the grounds at night especially Halloween

Scared to death of sounds they hear and ghostly footprints seen

An innocent was murdered and they threw him in the grave

They took him from his sweetheart and her love she freely gave

No one ever sees him they just hear his mournful sound

But you'll see where he's walking by his footprints on the ground

He wanders sad and lonely now without his lover true

But walk the graveyard late at night and he'll spend time with you

Lonliness resides in every fiber of his being

Only now remembered by his ghostly footprints seen

Did you see a shadow? I think I heard a sound

All at once appearing ghostly footprints on the ground

There's nowhere here for you to run, no place you'll be safe

The ghostly footprints follow you and match you pace for pace

Step by step at night he walks, trapped here by their crime

Ghostly footprints mark the ground until the end of time


One Red Rose

One Red Rose....BY:KPRIMM


A solitary tombstone Sat forgotten on the hill

Illegibly a word was scribed it faintly spelled out Will

Legends tell of a young man who lost his life too soon

But this was many years ago, so who knows if they're true

The little town of Haskerville has sat here many years

And all this time through fate or chance strange things still happen here

They say the town is blessed, and it plays the part of host

For it harbors it's own guardian, a beneficial ghost

All throughout the ages wether tragedy or strife

The people here watched over as this ghost protects their life

Just last night a fire took the home of Mr. Lapp

And though he safely made it out his little girl was trapped

As fire raged around her and the black smoke filled her home

The little girl was re-assured, she was not there alone

An unseen force came up to her, it didn't make a sound

It took her out the window and it sat the child down

And though his child stood there, he could not believe it still

And in the ashes of the fire, a word was written....Will

Mr. Lapp thanked God above for his little daughters life

The little girl was all he had since he had lost his wife

"I don't know how you made it out but I'm grateful all the same"

"A young man came into my room and William was his name"

Mr. Lapp knew then and there, the legends were all true

They had just met William and he knew what he must do

Together they took one red rose and slowly climbed the hill

And laid it at the tombstone there, "Thank you" he told Will

So many years, so many lives, so many thanks to Will

Throughout the years they place a rose at the tombstone on the hill




I'm A Haunter

I'm A Haunter...BY:KPRIMM


I spend my whole life planning for just one night every year

But that one night is so special and I hold that night so dear


I channel all my money, and my energy, and time

So much to do it's April and I'm running out of time


I've got my FCG to build and my zombie grave escape

If I work hard I may have time but the hour's getting late


I ordered my controller and my solenoid valve too

I hope my Witch mask comes in time, there's still so much to do


I guess I'll work this weekend, cause my haunt fund's getting tight

No time to sculpt my zombies face, I'll stay up late tonight


My nerves are pretty frazzled, hope I can keep up this pace

But all this hard work's worth it, just to see one smiling face


Just a few more quick adjustments cause my pop up sounds too loud

Just wait till they see my yard this year, I bet I'll make them proud


You may try to understand me, and for you it might be hard

But I am a horror artist, and my canvass is my yard


You may love me, you may hate me, but there's nothing I can do

                   Be it curse or be it blessing, I'm a haunter through and through

The Witch

The Witch....BY:KPRIMM


I dress in long black flowing robes

My black cat by my side

At night you'll see me pass the moon

My broom stick is my ride


I cast my spells, and brew my brews

And curses I will make

And if they catch me for my crimes

They'll burn me at the stake


So be aware when you pass near

And hold close to your tot

For if you glance away too long

They may end up in my pot


I'll gather the ingredients

To make my Hellish stew

And if you don't tread carefully

I'll cast my spell on you


They call me Witch, and that is fine

Cause that is what I am

You'd best be leaving me alone

And I just might stay my hand


So hurry as you pass by

In dark shadows I'm unseen

And watch the skies when you go out

This year on Halloween



The Ghost On The Porch Of Old Mr. Steele

The Ghost On The Porch Of Old Mr. Steele......BY:KPRIMM


The ghost on the porch of old Mr. Steele?

"I'm not afraid," said Tom. "what's the big deal?"

"I saw it move Tom, that thing is real."

He didn't believe me but I know it's real.


"You must be crazy." said Tom. "It's a sheet."

And the three of them laughed at me, Tom, Bill, and Pete


"Don't be a chicken come with us tonight."

"We'll pull off that sheet, and we'll prove that we're right."

"Haven't you all heard the stories round town?"

"Steele's brother died in that house, body never was found."


And the last thing I heard was their laughter in droves.

As they turned on their heels and they headed for home.


"I've got to be brave, and my courage I'll prove."

"But I just can't go with them, I saw that thing move."

"I'll tell them I'm sick, yes, that's what I'll do."

"But they'll know that I'm lying, OH,what should I do?"


The rest of the day I sat home all alone.

Just dreading the night that I knew was to come.

I prayed hard to God,"Please don't let it be real."

"The ghost on the porch of old Mr. Steele."


A few hours later night did come indeed.

With a rap on my door from Tom, Bill, and Pete.

They said, "Hello chicken, are you ready to go?"

"We'll pull the sheet off that ghost and then we'll all know."


So we went to Steele's house and we stood at his stairs.

And up on the porch was the ghost standing there.

Tom went up first, as the rest stood and stared.

As he reached for the sheet the ghost rose in the air.


Well, all three of them ran and didn't stop for a thing.

As I spied old man Steele in the brush with a string              

 Now I'll let them all still think that it's real.

                                  The ghost on the porch of old Mr. Steele.


The House On Haunted Hill

The House On Haunted Hill......BY:KPRIMM


Perhaps I'll just stay home this year

Besides I'm getting pretty old

They say it might be raining

Or it may just be too cold


I couldn't find a costume

At least not one my size

My friends all say it's cause I'm scared

But that's a pack of lies


They say they'll all go one by one

And ask me to go still

To ask for candy at that house

The one on haunted hill


They say the place is haunted

And it's been that way for years

At night the moon shines down upon

That creepy house of fear


So maybe I'll just stay away

There'll be no candy there

That's the reason I'm not going

It's not because I'm scared


Side By Side

Side by Side          By:KPRIMM

Tonight's the night we've waited for
A night that's like no other
And through the streets of town we go
It's just me and my brother

The night has quickly fallen
There's a stiff breeze in the air
The blowing leaves crunch underfoot
As pumpkins watch and stare

I'm dressed as a Goblin
And my brother is a Ghoul
To fill our sacks with candy
Is this nights only rule

Side by side we roam the night
And monsters fill the streets
Above the spooky sounds you hear
The chorus Trick Or Treat

Tonight's a night of mystery
And scary things we've seen
The ultimate adventure
For tonight is Halloween

Side by side and house to house
With magic in the air
It's time to trick, it's time to treat
It's time to get a scare

The greatest gift of Autumn
Is the night of Halloween
Come with me brother, side by side
And share this night with me

Together we're invincible
And what a haunting sight
Side by side we walk
And face the horrors of the night

The hours quickly pass
And soon the magic disappears
Side by side we walk back home
And dream about next year

Next Year

Next year, I'll take vacation


On a great Hawaiian cruise


Next year, I'll learn an instrument


I've always wanted to


Next year, I'll start a hobby


There's a lot of things I like


Next year, I'll spend more time outside


Putting miles on my bike


Next year, I'll watch that movie


Because I havent seen it yet


Next year, I will take a chance


I'll go and place my bet


Next year, I'll get married


Because it's time to settle down


Next year, I plan to have a child


Following me around


Next year, I'll spend more time with friends


And family and such


Next year, I'll attend church more


I havent been there much


Next year, we'll buy a swimming pool


I always said we should


Next year, we'll go camping


At a nice spot in the woods


Next year, is what he always said


Each year it was the same


Late last night he passed away


And next year never came

The Best Seat In The House

The Best Seat In The House......BY:KPRIMM

They all feel a little bit sorry for me
Of that I have no doubt
But what they don't realize is
I have the best seat in the house

Grandma's getting old I heard them
Having trouble getting about
We have an easy job for her
She can pass the candy out

It's the best job that they could have gave me
I told them loud and clear
I'm holding what they all desire
The reason that they're here

I'm setting in my favorite seat
My blanket on my lap
A plastic cauldron at my feet
It's filled with this and that

Trick Or Treat I hear them scream
While waiting for thier treat from me
I reach into my cauldron there
And pluck a treat for them to share

I see every child, every costume of the night
All the fairy princesses, and creatures of the night
Every child shares a simple fleeting bond with me
A memory of Trick Or Treat we share on Halloween

You need someone to pass the candy?
I will gladly raise my hand
Grandma's got the candy treats
Yea, Grandma is The Man

Every little beaming face just smiles ear to ear
When I drop that special treat into thier sack
I find myself now waiting for this special night each year
As I wait for all the children to come back


Through The Pumpkins Eyes

Through The Pumpkins Eyes....By:KPRIMM

Suddenly I spring to life for I have just been lit
My glowing heart of fire on the porch steps where I sit
The windows of my glowing soul see all in shades of Orange
And through the night of Halloween my candle keeps me warm

Triangle eyes though not quite even, see all just the same
And looking out upon the yard, the children all have came
I see them fully from a distance costumes old and new
And as they pass along my side they leave my field of view

I only see what's there before me, a slice of Halloween
A smile always on my face, and it's enough for me
I only have one night to live before I rot away
But my memory will last forever, In their hearts I'll stay

In and out of view they pass triangle window frames
Each smiling childs face reflected in my candle flame
So many look upon my face of hand carved pumpkin flesh
And smiling I look back at each to greet each one I've met

And though my time here quickly fades just like my candles flame
I've played my part however small in Halloweens great game
Life looks great from where I sit, I quickly realize
To see the sights of Halloween, through the pumpkins eyes

The Whole World Thinks I'm Crazy

The Whole World Thinks I'm Crazy.....BY:KPRIMM

Are you crazy man, it's April
What the heck is wrong with you
I'm not sure I understand
I'm doing what I do

I looked out my back window
There's a monster in your hard
You ought to build yourself one too
It isn't very hard

Man we're doing Easter eggs
It's Easter don't you know?
I sure do, time is running out
There's just six months to go

The neighbors swimming in their pool
A nice hot day in June
There's tombstones all around your yard
What the heck is wrong with you?

I'm working fast as I can go
With barely time to breathe
You know there's only four months left
Until it's Halloween

It's time to shoot some fireworks
Fourth of July is here
I've got to paint my crypt today
I'm losing time, Oh dear

It's the middle of the summer
We're here at a Bar-b-Que
You're building werewolves in your shed
What the heck is wrong with you?

I'm working hard to get it done
Dude, you have flipped your lid
Not at all, I'm right on course
Can't dissappoint the kids

It's labor day, it's time to rest
To put down all your tools
There is no rest it's time to haunt
Misunderstanding fools

There ain't a darn thing wrong with me
I'm happy as can be
I'm doing what I truly love
Can't wait for Halloween

Mister you got issues
We don't understand at all
You don't need to understand
Just come and see this Fall

Man you have tunnel vision
Your obsession we don't get
You don't need to get it
I'm a Haunter and that's it

And then the air starts turning cold
The leaves start changing too
The people gather at my yard
Admiring the view

The people who six months ago
Thought I was just a zero
Now stand amazed at my hard work
And think that I'm a Hero

Hearts are touched with magic
And there's smiles on every face
Three hundred people stop to see
The magic at my place

I pause for just a second
As I wipe the sweat away
This is why I do it
For this very special day

Then Halloween night once again
The magic in full swing
And as the night comes to a close
Again I start to think

Tomorrow I've got to get to work
Thanksgiving's coming don't you know?
And that means just one thing to me
There's just twelve months to go

Thirty One Days

Thirty One Days.....BY:KPRIMM

There's thirty one days for me to live
When I am at my best
Thirty one days to do it all
No time to stop and rest

Just one short month So much to do
I'm in my spooky groove
Thirty one short fun filled days
October I love you

Thirty one crisp mornings
I can smell it in the air
Haunted hayrides, cider mills
And ghost stories to share

Thirty one dark haunting nights
Of Halloween displays
This spooky month, it moves me so
In Oh, so many ways

Thirty one nice afternoons
Of nature at it's best
I'll take the Autumn splendor
And you can have the rest

Pumpkin patches, nature trails
Leaves riding on the wind
Each year when the Fall returns
I fall in love again

Count each one of thirty one
Just like it is your last
Have a blast, they go by fast
And soon the month is past

Just 31 of 365
That's all you get each year
And at the end of 31
Then Halloween is here

Tis The Night Of Halloween

Tis The Night Of Halloween.....BY:KPRIMM


You've all come out to roam the streets

Collect your bag of Trick Or Treats

But as you go from door to door

You roam the streets with something more

Spirits lurk just out of sight

And Goblins walk the Earth tonight

In the air a tinge of dread

The presence of the living dead

I'm sure you're going to be alright

So go on, have your fun tonight

But just remember, as you do

There's something standing next to you

As you leave here on your way

Be careful of just where you stray

You walk with creatures rarely seen

For tis the night of Halloween

Splatter Me With Pumpkin Guts

Splatter me with pumpkin guts

And cover me with leaves

Lock the chains of Halloween

And throw away the keys

Pelt me with some candy corn

Dump cider on my head

Put some Scar Stuff on my face

And make it bloody red

Hit me with an Autumn breeze

Not once but twice again

Then feel free to soak me

With a fierce October rain

Tie me to a wooden chair

Left in a pitch black room

Play some haunting music

While Imagining my doom

Bowl me over with a pumpkin

Knock me on my back

Then commence to beat me

With a Trick Or Treating sack

Trip me with a witches broom

Show me that you care

Lock me in a haunted room

And leave me sitting there

Leave me in a graveyard

With a scary moan to hear

Send the scary ghost my way

And make me face my fear

I love this spooky time of year

I'm aching for the Fall

So hit me hard with everything

I want to feel it all

Experiencing Autumn

And the magic that it brings

Splatter me with pumpkin guts

And cover me with leaves

The Skeleton King

He sits upon his throne of bone

They heed the word of him alone

And when he stands they from a ring

And kneel before the skeleton king

Eye sockets bare, yet he sees all

His minions run each time he calls

A crown rests on his bony head

The undisputed ruler of the dead

A realm of darkness, very cold

Where all the evil spirits go

The boney king so very old

Their evil spirits his to hold

Bow before the skeleton king

You damned souls and vile things

Demonic creatures big and small

All run to heed their masters call

The dust of ages on his bones

They gather there before his throne

With creaking bones the king did stand

And raised his twisted boney hand

"At my side my children stand"

"Tonight we ride across the land"

"They'll see things they have never seen"

"We ride tonight.....It's Halloween"

A deafening roar erupted then

From creatures sure to frighten men

For this night they will be set free

To roam the Earth on Halloween

A biting cold will fill the air

Announcing there's a presence there

A legions come to trod the ground

And side by side they walk your town

Keep in costume, stay disguised

And keep your pumpkin glowing bright

Lock your doors and stay inside

The walking dead they ride tonight

When Halloween has played it's song

The legion will have up and gone

Another year they'll not be seen

Until next year....on Halloween!

Halloween Doldrums....BY:Kurtis Primm

Man, it's just so much darn work

I'm not feeling it this year

I think I might sit this year out

And wait until next year

No one's going to care

If I don't set up my display

It's just one darkened house

We get so few kids anyway

Yes, this year it will be a blast

I'll just sit back and I'll relax

I've done so much for Halloween

So this year, it's all about me


Now meanwhile just across the street

Lived the nicest kid you'd ever meet

He's been excited all year long

For good Ol' Halloween to come

His costume's ready, sack is too

And Tommy knows just what to do

Soar down every single street

And live the thrill of Trick Or Treat

He'll go all night, hit every house

And he won't stop to rest

That special house he'll go to last

Cause' that house is the best


Then Tommy rounds the corner

As excitement fills his heart

And right there stands his favorite house

And now it too is dark

He wonders what has happened

Has the owner passed away?

He wouldn't leave his house like this

Not on this special day

And through the window comes a light

That Tommy clearly sees

His Hero sits there on the couch

And watches his T.V.

So many people don't do nothing

It's sad and pretty lame

And now this house is darkened too

And it's just not the same

Sadness filled his heart

As he continued down the street

This year was to be the last

That he would Trick Or Treat

Tommy took his costume off

A tear rolled down his face

His costume in the garbage can

It's final resting place

A part of Tommy died that night

He'd lost his special friend

So when you feel it's time to stop

Just stop and think again

Someone, somewhere in your town

That you may never know

May think of you at Halloween

A childhood Hero



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